SmartLipo - The combination of laser and liposuction

Liposuction is the process of removing fat from the body, but laser technology has greatly improved this popular cosmetic treatment. SmartLipo is the combination of laser and liposuction techniques that have been refined and improved by experts from around the world. As Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko of the Youthful Image Clinic in Edmonton notes, it’s one of the procedures available for permanent fat removal from the face, body, and limbs.
From drooping underarms to unsightly love handles, fat deposits can cause low self-esteem and a lot of frustration. Technology like SmartLipo allows patients to treat these problem areas and improve their bodies as well as their lives.


SmartLipo Laser Technology

Liposuction is the removal of an unwanted fat from the body. What makes the SmartLipo procedure different is the advanced technology it uses to accomplish this. A laser fiber enters the body through a tube placed in a tiny incision. Multiple laser strengths are used to break down the membranes of fat cells in the target area. This “melts” the fat, allowing easier removal through a remarkably small tube.
The result of this highly effective laser beam technology is fat removal with minimal incisions.


SmartLipo: One of many liposuction technologies available today

SmartLipo is one of many liposuction techniques available today. All liposuction treatments are known as lipolysis, and SmartLipo is just one of the many procedures available that combine fat removal as well as heating the fat and skin. In addition to its results, other aspects of this technique is its versatility.
Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko at the Youthful Image advises that it is always important for patients to research the procedure and choose the right doctor. Once they are in the hands of an expert, patients can get the body they have always dreamed of. SmartLipo is compared to other lipolysis methods such as BodyTite in that multiple areas can be treated in one session.
For example, patients can have fat removed from both the underarms and the backs of the knees in one session.


SmartLipo Results

Laser-assisted lipolysis with SmartLipo means the permanent destruction of fat cells and immediate removal of fat. But it also has other results; this technique encourages collagen production that leads to younger, healthier, and tighter skin. Even better, the results continue to develop and impress over a period of several weeks. SmartLipo, almost as impressive as BodyTite, can heat the skin and it is this heating that promotes new collagen and skin tightening. Dr. Sapijaszko has researched multiple liposuction technologies and believes that BodyTite is like an advanced form of SmartLipo.
SmartLipo and BodyTite result in the disappearance of long-hated fat deposits allowing patients to face the world with renewed energy and positivity. Leading dermatologist, Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko in Edmonton has expert knowledge of SmartLipo and BodyTite which can help patients begin their journey to a new body and a better life.

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