Edmonton Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting Explained!

Edmonton Fat Transfer Clinic, Youthful Image Clinic, has been performing fat transfer/fat grafting for over 25 years!

As we age, we lose and shift volume in the face and body. Fat grafting, also known as autologous fat transfer or just fat transfer, is a very popular procedure that is designed to use abundant tissue (our own fat/adipose tissue) and transfer it to the regions where volume and skin quality enhancement are needed.

The procedure is rather straight forward as it involves harvesting (removing) fat from the donor area(s) where it is available and moving it to the desired location on the body (from head to toe and in all places in between!). It sounds simple and it is simple if one knows how to do it safely resulting in desirable youthful results with minimal complications.

When it comes to fat transfer/grafting, it is all about the details and these details can result in natural beautiful, youthful and glowing results.

Fat (adipose tissue) is the natural “filler” that has been known to be long-lasting, natural, plentiful and desirable. At the same time, Fat Transfer is a surgical procedure requiring advanced training and experience.

Only physicians and surgeons who are privileged by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta can perform Fat Grafting / Transfer in Alberta. Such accreditation helps to ensure that doctors have appropriate training and judgement.

If you are interested, contact us to see if you are a candidate for fat grafting procedure!


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