GlycolicAcidRejuvenation_1.jpgAging of the skin is influenced by heredity and environmental factors. Sun damage, smoking and exposure to the elements of weather play a large role in the way the skin looks and functions. Sun damage is cumulative, starting in childhood. The outer layer of skin, the stratum corneum, becomes thicker with age and can increase in pigmentation. Lines and wrinkles appear, and an overall dullness develops on the skin. The benefits of glycolic rejuvenation include: softer smoother skin, increased firmness and elasticity, more refined, smaller looking pores, lightening of dark spots, improved skin colour and radiance, reduction of blemishes and blackheads. The goal of our skin rejuvenation therapy is to make you look your best.


How does Glycolic Acid rejuvenate aging skin?

Glycolic Acid belongs to the alpha hydroxy acid family (AHA). It is made from sugar cane and has the smallest structure of all the AHA's. This allows a deeper, more even penetration of the skin to help lift off dead cells, leaving a youthful lustre. Glycolic acid application improves the texture and tone of the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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How can the benefits of Glycolic Rejuvenation be maximized?


A combination of Glycolic Acid rejuvenation and skin care products will refresh your complexion. A consultation with our trained and experienced technician will determine if you are a suitable candidate for glycolic rejuvenation. A skin care history will be taken and expectations established. The products that you require, and your home care program will be outlined. Glycolic rejuvenation will be performed at intervals to achieve optimum results. The number and frequency of treatments you require will depend on your response to therapy. An average of 4 to 6 treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart, will produce a marked improvement in skin quality. Carefully following your home care program during the course of your glycolic rejuvenation treatments will maximize your results. Your skin may feel dry as your treatment begins. Appropriate moisturization is very important.


What can I expect on the day of my Glycolic Rejuvenation treatment?

We will remove your make-up or moisturizer before the beginning of the procedure. A few precautions are advisable. We recommend no swimming on the day of the procedure. In addition, use of facial masques or exfolliative products during the week before treatment is discouraged. Your skin will be cleansed. Then the glycolic acid will be applied with a soft brush. The procedure is timed and the solution is neutralized will a cool spray. Moisturization completes the process.


How will I feel after the Glycolic Rejuvenation treatment?

GlycolicAcidRejuvenation_3.jpgYour skin will be rosy-pink after your procedure as if you has been out in the wind. The slight redness should disappear within one day. During the next 3 to 4 days you may experience mild flaking, which is the effect of the glycolic acid causing the surface cells of the skin to peel off. Your home care program will include moisturizing, which will control this effect.

If you like to find out if you can benefit from Glycolic Acid Rejuvenation, please call us to arrange a free complimentary consultation with one of our staff at (780) 424-4440.

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