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46202_7700.jpgWelcome to a banquet of beautiful possibilities. ArteSense creates a sumptuous feast for the eye - for years to come.

ArteSense is the latest breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. An injectable long-lasting implant, it restores your natural, youthful appearance - safely - for ten years or longer.

Now you can improve your looks in less than a lunch hour, for as long as you want. Rid yourself of unsightly acne scars, thin lips, sunken frowns and highways of laugh lines - once and for all.


What's the recipe?

ArteSense combines three key ingredients into one injectable implant. Microscopic PMMA beads are folded into just enough collagen to carry them through a fine needle. A trace of anesthetic, lidocaine, is added to the slurry to dull any discomfort during injection.


How does ArteSense work?

ArteSense works by stimulating the growth of natural collagen, a vital skin protein lost over time. Collagen adds volume and structure to skin. Just as a grain of sand in an oyster transforms itself into a valuable pearl, injected tiny PMMA beads become enveloped in your own collagen, binding them into place under the skin. This process takes about two to three months as the collagen carrier used to deliver the PMMA under your skin is absorbed, and your body forms new collagen. Your lines and wrinkles diminish. Your laugh lines are refined once again.

PMMA is an inert substance used in eye lenses, dental work, bone repair, artificial hips and limbs, and pacemakers since the early 1930s. It is a biocompatible substance, and it is safe. 


ArteSense is the only skin treatment to defy time.

Depending on your body, its effects linger for ten years or longer. Results will vary from one person to another. The amount of ArteSense that is injected varies, too, from person to person. In some cases, 2 or 3 treatments may be required to obtain the results you desire.


What is ArteSense?

Injectable microscopic PMMA beads mixed in a solution of collagen and lidocaine.


How long does ArteSense last?

The length of duration is very individual, however, long-lasting effects have been shown to last 10 years or longer.


Is ArteSense safe?

Extremely. Since the early 1930s, PMMA has been used in eye lenses, dental work and in bone repair.


Do I need a skin test for ArteSense?

Dr. Sapijaszko recomends that all patient wishing to be treated with ArteSense have appropriate skin testing.


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