I just turned 40 and I feel it is time for some facial work. Over the years, I have noticed that I am getting more sunspots on my face and some lines. I know they are part of getting older but I like to look after my face as best as I can. I eat healthy organic food and exercise regularly and now I would like to help my skin to look its best. I've heard about many treatments but it is important to me that the treatments are as natural as possible. Are there any cosmetic treatments that would suit my needs?



Looking fresh, healthy and young for ones age is important to many of us. Most people do not want to look "done" or different, they simply wish to look better. Although some people would do anything to alter their skin, most wish to look natural and healthy. You are not different and definitely not alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural treatments that can help you look your best. Some of these are older proven techniques while others are very new and exciting methods.

The following options assume that you are already doing many things right on your own such as: eating right (plenty of fruits and vegetables), exercising your body and mind, staying hydrated and having plenty of restful sleep.

Let's talk about some natural, although professionally administered, rejuvenation techniques.

  1. Topical Creams - Most of us need to use some form of Vitamin A derivative topically (on our skin). These are not products containing Vitamin A but rather its derivatives such as tretinoin, adapalene, tazarotene or similar prescription creams. These are prescription creams that go by different brand names and need to be used according to the directions of a dermatologist. There is plenty of evidence that these creams help the skin stay young and fresh. These creams are derived from natural Vitamin A.

  2. Chemical Peels – Most of us can benefit from periodic or regular chemical peels. As you may have guessed, not all chemical peels are made equal and their use, in useful concentrations, has to be medically supervised. Although some chemical peels can be administered in spas and salons, their strength will likely not be sufficient to result in desired effects. Glycolic peels, salicylic acid peels, Jessner's peels, and TCA (TriChloroAcetic) peels are just a few examples of the chemical peels available, all derived from natural sources.

  3. IPL and Laser Rejuvenation – Although the actual IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Laser machines are not naturally occurring, they affect our skin by very natural means. Our cells have light receptors and are influenced by light energy in many ways. Once the energy is absorbed, it can be converted to heat or it may increase cell function. Once again, most people can benefit from these light and energy based treatments.

  4. Botox Injections – Most of us know something about Botox but most of us do not know that it is derived from natural sources. When used properly, it is very effective and safe. This rare combination of desired effects and safety makes Botox rejuvenation one of the most popular and safe cosmetic procedures in the world..

  5. Facial Fillers – As we get older, our faces deflate. This decrease in volume can result in an older looking face. This is specifically visible in the lips, cheeks, temples and jowls. There are many facial fillers and volumizers available. These include well-known brands such as Juvederm and Restylane (made from the natural substance occurring in all living species), as well as some of the newer brands such as Sculptra and Selphyl. Sculptra and Selphyl are used to volumize the facial tissues over time and are broken down into sugars (Sculptra) or made from ones own blood (Selphyl). In addition, let's not forget our own fat. Fat injection into the facial areas can have long-term benefits and most of us have plenty of it.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of natural ways to rejuvenate and maintain the face and proper assessment by a dermatologist, your skin expert, will serve to set you on the right path to better skin care.

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