Fractora® - Radiofrequency made gentle and effective now available in Edmonton.

Fractora® is the latest in facial and body radiofrequency rejuvenation is available in Edmonton. Its usefulness in cosmetic skin care and corrections is impressive as many different conditions can be improved with this innovative technology. Dr. Sapijaszko is the first physician in Alberta offering these effective and safe rejuvenation treatments.

Skin rejuvenation continues to be at the center of rejuvenation efforts, surpassing hair and nail care as the most important component of overall body image enhancement. For gentler skin revival we have topical products, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Thermage, IPL therapies as well as Botox and soft tissue fillers. When it comes to more advanced treatments, we use Er:YAG (erbium laser), CO2 laser, potent chemical peels as well as surgical modalities. These advanced techniques continue to be popular as their results are much more significant than gentler mild treatments. At the same time, the downtime from these advanced techniques can be considerable. It is for this reason that patients prefer less downtime and hopefully similar final results. That is where fractional technologies come in. In this article, I will discuss Fractora® - the NEW fractional radiofrequency device designed for optimal results and short downtime that is now available in Edmonton.


What can Fractora® be used for?

Fractora® technology is very versatile and can be used to treat a variety of conditions. As such, we can treat fine to deep wrinkles, stretch marks, scars as well as skin discolorations (red or brown skin lesions). This technology is so versatile that, depending on the energy and the configuration used, most body surface areas can be treated.


What is fractional technology?

Skin rejuvenation or resurfacing can be performed in several ways. One way is to treat the entire skin surface area in any given region and the other way is to treat only a portion of the skin surface. In that way only a certain "fraction" of the skin surface is treated. Why would you ever want to treat only a portion of the skin rather than the entire surface? It is not cheating - as a matter of fact - this new way of treating skin has many advantages.


What are the advantages of fractional technology?

Fractional technology has revolutionized the way that we can treat mild to moderate skin damage. With today's busy world, we want good results with minimal risks and short downtime. Fractional technologies allow for the treatment area to recover faster compared to whole skin surface treatments. Although this faster recovery is associated with less dramatic results - several fractional treatments can result in the same cosmetic outcome as one treatment with a more powerful all surface treatment. Each treatment variety is good for different patients. Some can afford longer recovery periods whereas others cannot. It appears that patients prefer more less-dramatic treatments with less risk and less recovery rather than one "big" treatment that also carries more risk of side effects.


What are some of the fractional technologies available today?

Fractional technology is not really new but it is getting better and better. Some examples of fractional technology include Fraxel® treatments, 1540nm Fractional Palomar® laser, Pro-Fractional® Er:YAG laser as well as a number of CO2 fractional laser devices. One of the newest and unique fractional technology devices is Fractora®.


What is Fractora®?

Fractora® is the fractional bipolar radiofrequency (RF) device that utilizes the well-established BodyTite platform. It delivers bipolar RF energy to the skin via a combination of pins to deliver localized heat in a micro-lesion fashion. The pins generate heat that stimulates regenerative collagen. Since not all the skin surface is treated, the recovery is faster compared to other techniques where the entire skin surface is treated.


Can Fractora® treatments be combined with any other rejuvenating technologies?

The Fractora® device deals with a lot of cosmetic concerns but certainly does not deal with all of them. Some facial wrinkles are mostly due to excessive or repeated facial muscle movements. In particular, the frown lines, forehead lines, some smile lines, "crow's feet" as well as some neck and chin lines are mostly related to repeated or excessive muscle movements. Although Fractora would assist in the improvement of these lines, we really need to combine it with muscle relaxants such as Botox. Facial or body volume loss needs to be corrected with soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, Ovita, Radiesse or Sculptra. These treatments can be utilized concurrently and independently from Fractora treatments. As is the case with most cosmetic treatments, it is the totality of the aesthetic outcome that is important and that frequently requires more than one treatment approach.


What are the side effects of Fractora® treatments?

As I mention in almost all my writings, there is no treatment in medicine or surgery that is risk free - such is life. Fractora® delivers radiofrequency energy to the upper and mid dermis with some of the heating also extending to the deeper dermis. As with any energy-based devices, there can be a possibility of textural changes including the alteration of pigment (possible lighter or darker pigmentation), re-activation of cold sores or even acne-like reactions. Although scarring has not been reported with the Fractora® device it is possible, especially when higher energies are used. The key, as is the case with any energy-based device, is to have proper assessment and pre-treatment preparations such as topical treatments and chemical peels.

Fractora® represents a novel application of tested and proven radiofrequency technology. This fractional device is truly unique and can deliver impressive results. With proper patient selection, parameter optimization as well as attention to treatment techniques, Fractora® adds a real benefit to the BodyTite platform's versatility. Patients can expect great results with mild downtime and a good safety profile. For a confidential consultation, please call us at 780-424-4440 ext. 2 or email us. Dr. Sapijaszko and his team will be glad to see you.

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