What is it and why it can make a lasting difference for you?

Bellafill – the answer is clear. Dr. Sapijaszko at Youthful Image Clinic is ready to help.
The world of dermal fillers can be confusing to many patients. Fillers have the potential to greatly improve the skin’s appearance and patients’ self-confidence, but it’s important to choose the correct filler and a knowledgeable physician.
Bellafill dermal filler and collage stimulator is a safe and effective way to increase volume, making up for lost collagen and other effects of stress and aging. Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko is the first doctor in Edmonton to be trained to administer this amazing product. He can help you understand what Bellafill is and why it can make a lasting difference.

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is a carefully designed product that care create permanent results when it is injected into the skin. This safe filler includes collagen production to help fill in and firm skin which has become wrinkled and saggy over time. It is often used in the facial areas that have changed over time. Tiny unique microspheres help make Bellafill one of the most effective fillers out there today. It actually helps create a supportive network for the skin distinguishing it from many other fillers.

Why choose Bellafill?

Bellafill is the 3rd generation of permanent fillers and it’s earlier forms have been utilized for more than fifty years. Its ultra-important uniform microspheres are a key factor, because they actually help the skin maintain its structure and support the filling effect. It is these microspheres that induce the body to produce more of its own collagen.
Unlike many fillers, Bellafill can help improve skin’s appearance for a long time. There may be minor reactions, like skin irritation, but these generally resolve within a week. Otherwise, Bellafill lets you return to normal activities right away. There’s no waiting or inconvenient changes to your routine, and Bellafill is administered right at the clinic. Patients will immediately see results from Bellafill treatment and, over time, the body will start generating more if its own collagen.


Who shouldn’t use Bellafill?

Negative reactions are very rare, but it is important to choose a knowledgeable doctor like Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko at the Youthful Image Clinic and discuss your health history prior to the procedure.
It is important to have realistic expectations as well as a thorough discussion about your health now and in the past. Based on these discussions, Dr. Sapijaszko and you can decide to proceed with this unique treatment.
Bellafill creates a lasting difference. Patients experience fresher, younger-looking skin and reduction in fine lines as well as wrinkles, especially around the nasolabial area. Best of all, its microspheres actually keep working even after the initial results.

Men and women who are ready to improve their appearance and increase their self-confidence should contact an expert today. Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko of the Youthful Image Clinic in Edmonton is just such a doctor.

If this sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, then contact us today at 780-424-4440 ext. 2 or email us and book a confidential consultation to learn how bellafill can make a difference in your life.

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