Bellafill - Lasting results that you can trust

What makes Bellafill different is that it delivers lasting results that patients can trust. It’s amazing microspheres support and enhance the body’s own collagen and are not absorbed by the skin, unlike traditional fillers. As a result, the effects of Bellafill will last long after Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko – the first person in Edmonton trained to use it – administers the filler. Patients see continued improvement and experience better looks and fresher appearance.


Is Bellafill is better than other fillers?

The unique Bellafill microspheres work in conjunction with the filler (carrier), instantly smoothing skin and giving it a more youthful appearance while also enhancing the body’s natural support matrix. The lines and contours are reduced and, over time, patients can see their skin improve even more as the new tissues are generated.

Many fillers require numerous visits to the doctor for more injections. The fillers are absorbed and eventually disappear, processed by the body so that their effects fade over time. Bellafill is longer-lasting thanks to the microspheres, which can’t be absorbed yet are safe when administered by experienced hands. Of course, none of the fillers, including Bellafill, are 100% side effect free but the safety studies of Bellafill are very impressive. Bellafill results are long-lasting and translate to smoother, more attractive youthful skin.


Bellafill is convenient

Because Bellafill is so effective, patients only need less visits to obtain noticeable, long-lasting results. After an initial consultation appointment, Dr. Sapijaszko can administer Bellafill in just few sessions. Although the skin test for Bellafill is not required in Canada, it is a good idea to have it done and make sure that patients are not allergic to some of the components of the product.

After the injection is complete, Bellafill patients can immediately go back to work and their other day-to-day activities. Side effects are generally minimal and may include some mild irritation, redness or bruising. Rare, more serious effect do happen but their incidence is very low. As with any cosmetic treatments, and especially with advanced therapies like Bellafill, it is imperative that patient see and consult expert physicians. It is always better to be in experienced hands.

A filler should provide you with the confidence that you will have long-lasting results, and Bellafill provides just that!


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