Bellafill - How to choose your doctor?

Bellafill is a truly remarkable product. Unlike many other dermal fillers, Bellafill doesn’t just temporarily fill in wrinkles only to be quickly absorbed the body. Instead, Bellafill’s unique formula, which contains uniform microspheres, means patients can achieve long-lasting results that work with the skin’s natural processes. The result? Smoother, younger-looking skin and the confidence that comes with it.
One of the most important questions is who will help you achieve these results with Bellafill. Read on to find out how to choose your doctor and increase the chances of a great outcome.


Your doctor should know Bellafill

Choosing the right doctor to help patients on their journey is extremely important. A doctor who is not familiar with the treatment can’t properly assess whether it is right or safe for patients and their needs. Patients who do their research have a much better experience and are more satisfied with their results. Choose a doctor who has the knowledge as well as the ability to make you feel comfortable.
Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko, for example, was the first person in Edmonton trained to administer this unique filler. He is always ready to answer patients’ questions and has the expertise needed to assess what’s best for them. The fact is, Dr. Sapijaszko has been doing cosmetic procedures for over 20 years, dedicated extended period of his carrier on learning cosmetic techniques from some of the world’s most accomplished doctors. Dr. Sapijaszko, as a Dermatologists certified in Canada and the United States, has an ability to assess and analyses patients’ needs from a specialist point of view.
Bellafill cost is the same to all the doctors, what the patient is paying for is the expertise, the experience, the knowledge, the judgment and the hands that actually does the treatment. Choose wisely – you deserve it!


Set up your consultation appointment

Curious if Bellafill is right for you? Set up a consultation appointment to discuss Bellafill with our professionals. We will review your health history (such as allergies) and tell you more about the benefits of Bellafill. If you decide that it’s the right procedure to you, you can set up an appointment to receive the treatment in one of our two Edmonton locations.

Join Dr. Sapijaszko’s many satisfied patients and contact us today. Give us a call at 780-424-4440 ext. 2 or email us and book a confidential consultation to learn how bellafill can make a difference in your life..

The information provided on this website is for Canadian patients only and is meant for information and education that is based on experience and research.


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