Edmonton Radiesse Cheek Lift - Cheeks are the new lips!

Radiesse Cheek Lift enhances cheekbones recreating the youthful triangle of beauty. These days, cheeks are the new lips. In the past, fuller lips are what most patients wanted and what doctors knew how to do. Now, patients want higher cheekbones and more volume. Finally, the cheeks are getting their share of attention - enhancing the heart-shaped contours of the youthful face.

Bones, fat and skin collagen are what give us the volume, flexibility and strength of our youth. As we get older, natural bone, fat and collagen remodelling leads to diminished volume and elasticity. Fortunately, there are excellent treatments to slow down, halt and even reverse some of these changes. Edmonton Radiesse Cheek Lift is one of these options.


What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a soft tissue filler that is primarily composed of calcium hydroxyl apatite microspheres that are suspended in a gel. Both calcium and phosphate are naturally occurring in our bodies. As such, Radiesse particles are gradually absorbed and utilized by our body. There is no need for allergy testing before being treated with Radiesse. 
When Radiesse is injected, it stimulates collagen production around the calcium particles leading to long term results. 

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What areas of the body can be treated with Radiesse?

Radiesse, being a soft tissue filler, can be used in most areas that other fillers are used. In particular, it is a great filler for enhancing and creating cheek lift, where it can provide a stable and long lasting foundation resulting in higher cheekbones.In addition to cheek enhancement, Radiesse is well suited for redefining and contouring jawline and correcting temple hollows. Furthermore, nose and chin shaping, reduction of nasolabial folds and marionette lines, acne scars, as well as hand rejuvenation have been successfully treated with Radiesse. More advanced injectors can also use various forms of Radiesse in the areas underneath and around the eyes to improve hollows that can occur as we age.

I would recommend it not be used in the lips as other fillers will likely have more pleasing, softer results when used to enhance and rejuvenate the lips.

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How is Radiesse different from other fillers?

There are several very important differences between Radiesse and other soft tissue fillers. Most of the fillers used today are hyaluronic acid derivatives. These include Juvederm (Ultra, Ultra Plus or Voluma), Restylane, and Teosyal, among others. Hyaluronic acids are not very stable when injected into the skin and need to be "cross-linked" or reinforced to become stable and longer lasting. Free hyaluronic acid, without any cross-linking, will only last a few days in the skin before being metabolized by the body.

Radiesse, on the other hand, is very stable when injected into the skin. Since it has the consistency of toothpaste, it has to be injected deeper than hyaluronic acid derivatives which requires more expertise, care, and knowledge of the local anatomy.


Are Radiesse treatments right for you?

Most patients with volume loss are candidates for Radiesse treatments. In particular, it can be successfully used to enhance cheeks and restore youthful contours to the facial structures. Patients generally have mild swelling for a few days. Initially, the treated area can feel firm but after a few days it assumes a very natural consistency.

In addition, it is well known that Radiesse can successfully be used to rejuvenate hands. When we get older, we lose volume at the back of our hands exposing veins and tendons. In some cases, the tendons and bones are only covered with skin creating a skeletonised look. Radiesse, in sufficient quantities, can restore this volume, creating a very natural hand rejuvenation.

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Can Radiesse treatments be combined with other rejuvenating procedures?

Yes - Radiesse is very commonly used in conjunction with other rejuvenating procedures.In particular, I like to use Botox Cosmetic prior to Radiesse treatments. This allows smoother Radiesse integration into facial structures and can enhance the final result considerably. In addition, more superficial imperfections may require other collagen stimulating or filling agents such as Selphyl, Sculptra or SoftLift.

Furthermore, topical preparations, chemical peels, laser treatments, as well as skin tightening procedures such as TriFirm, ST Rejuvenation, or Thermage can be combined with Radiesse rejuvenation. Each individual is unique and the treatment protocol needs to be tailored to individual needs.

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What are the side effects of Radiesse treatments?

As with any treatment, including soft tissue fillers, side effects do occur. It is important for all patients to have a detailed consultation with a qualified physician. All patients experience some side effects related to any product being injected. These include swelling (usually lasting a few days) and some bruising. Bruising is usually mild to moderate, but in some patients it can be extensive. Tenderness at the injection sites is also common. Fortunately, it is usually mild and can be managed with medications. In very rare situations, small nodules can occur requiring steroid injections or surgical removal. In addition, very rarely, occlusion of the veins or arteries can occur with Radiesse as it can with other fillers. In these cases, the pain is unmanageable or progressive and it should be reported to the clinic and the doctor immediately.

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