face-woman-close-up-300jn032207.jpgThe latest in facial and body rejuvenation is here. Selphyl (Advanced PRP) harnesses the regenerative and restorative powers of our own bodies to re-grow and regenerate skin cells and tissues while nurturing new supportive skin structures. It is the first rejuvenating product to use the components of our own blood. It is extremely well tolerated with virtually no possibilities of allergic reactions, while providing predictable and long lasting results. It can be used to correct many problems including stubborn facial lines, wrinkles and acne scars.


What is Selphyl?

Selphyl, called "Vampire Facelift" by some, is a new revolutionary anti-aging treatment that utilizes our own body's natural reparative, restorative and rejuvenating capabilities. As part of the process, Dr. Sapijaszko prepares a Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix to use as a dermal soft tissue filler and volumizer using blood (hence reference to vampires) collected from individual patients during an office visit. Subsequent processing using a centrifuge and a unique catalyst allows Dr. Sapijaszko to select the components of the blood to be used for rejuvenating purposes.

Selphyl is unique among facial rejuvenation products. It is different from collagen injections, Juvederm treatments, Sculptra volumizer or Radiesse fillers. Its unique effectiveness and safety is its best quality as it can treat some problems that are difficult to manage with other methods.

Dr. Sapijaszko is among the first physicians in Canada chosen to be trained in the use of Selphyl and the first in Edmonton to offer this breakthrough technology to his patients.


Why and how does Selphyl work?

Selphyl is natural as it uses our own body's safe and proven restorative and regenerative machinery.

It is readily accepted by our bodies enhancing natural tissue building elements. When injected into the skin, Selphyl activates and promotes new cell growth and collagen formation. As such, it takes several weeks for the full effect to show.

It is not like any other injectable rejuvenating product as only collagen stimulators and cell growth promoters are used rather than filler itself. Furthermore, Selphyl gently blends with surrounding tissues making its effects very natural.


What areas of the body can be successfully treated with Selphyl?

Selphyl, being natural and safe, can be used in many areas of the body. It can correct many different imperfections and enhance already present desirable features. In particular, facial lines (frown lines and eye smile lines [usually in combination with Botox] , delicate but annoying cheek and neck lines) can be successfully treated. Furthermore, Selphyl can be used alone or in combination with other methods to treat acne scars. The list of areas that can be treated with Selphyl is ever expanding and more and more indications are definitely in its future. Dr. Sapijaszko and his team will need to assess your unique circumstances, concerns and features and recommend treatments as needed.


Can Selphyl be combined with other products and procedures?

Successful rejuvenation strategies need to address different patient concerns. As such, it is very common to use different technologies and treatments to address the unique requirements and needs of each patient. Selphyl can be used alone or in combination with other treatments including  chemical peelslaser treatmentsBotox as well as fillers,(JuvedermRestylaneRadiesse and others) and soft tissue volumizers such as Sculptra.


What are the benefits of Selphyl over other treatments?

Clearly, the biggest benefit of Selphyl is that it is created from the patient's own body – specifically, the patient's own blood. The body readily accepts this self-derived product with allergic reaction being extremely rare.

Selphyl is a collagen and cell growth stimulator and does not cause clumping, knots or granulomas. Our own bodies have a tremendous capacity to rejuvenate and regenerate and Selphyl harnesses that power to our unique needs.

Another major advantage of Selphyl is the readily accessible and plentiful source. Although only a small amount of blood is needed for each treatment, larger treatment at each visit and frequent treatments are possible. Our body constantly produces blood and regulates its contents making Selphyl treatments very safe.


Who can be treated with Selphyl?

With its proven safety, Selphyl can be used by almost all people. In particular, patients with all skin types regardless of ethnicity can use Selphyl successfully. However, patients with blood infections, or clotting problems, or those on blood thinners may need to exercise more caution.


What happens during a Selphyl treatment visit?

Prior to the actual treatments, Dr. Sapijaszko and his team will need to assess your unique circumstances, concerns and features. Once a Selphyl treatment has been recommended, the patient is transferred to a treatment room. First, a small amount of blood is taken from the vein, as is the case during a regular laboratory blood examination. Furthermore, blood components are separated in a special centrifuge and the Selphyl product is activated. The treatment areas may need to be numbed with cream or local anesthetic injections. Following that, Dr. Sapijaszko will inject Selphyl into the areas requiring correction or enhancement.


What is the recovery and what are the side effects after Selphyl treatment?

Selphyl is very well tolerated and the recovery is relatively easy. It does not contain any animal or synthetic products. The side effects are generally mild and short lasting. It is an injection and some swelling and bruising for a few days is possible. Infections are very rare as the Selphyl preparation process is very well controlled. Some patients can experience some redness or itchiness but that is usually mild and generally resolves itself in a few days.


What will I see after Selphyl treatment?

Selphyl, being a collagen and cell growth stimulator and enhancer, takes time to work. Once the initial swelling diminishes, the production of new cells, collagen and support structures starts. In the next 6 – 8 weeks, the effects of Selphyl treatment become gradually evident with smoother lines and younger looking skin. Its effects are long lasting and satisfactory results can be achieved with one treatment, however, repeat treatments may be needed to maintain or enhance results. Dr. Sapijaszko will review these plans with you prior to Selphyl therapy.

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