hands2.jpgI am 45 years old and I feel great. I work out and try to eat right but it looks like my hands are getting or looking older faster than the rest of my body. I am afraid to even shake hands with people as they might see my “old looking” hands. What is happening and what can be done about it?



Frequently ignored but never far out of sight, hands down, our hands need more than just occasional washing to stay in their best shape. Most of us concentrate on our faces, hair, teeth and so on but our average beauty regimen pays little attention to our hands even though, it is our hands that give away our age before our faces do.

It is true for both men and women when they say that they dislike the fact that their hands betray their age with simple gesture or handshake.

Many patients notice a discrepancy between their rejuvenated face and the aged appearance of their hands. Our hands work for us every day and because of that are subjected to more wear and tear than we care to admit. It is for these reasons that cosmetic hand rejuvenation is becoming more and more popular.


What are the causes of hand aging?

At first, hand rejuvenation may sound like an unnecessary cosmetic procedure, but our hands are more important than most people realize. The most important causes of hand aging are:

Photoaging - because hands receive so much sun exposure, photoaging plays a key role in producing visible signs of aging such as irregular pigmentation, pre-cancerous and cancerous growths in addition to changes in collagen and elastic fibers. These changes result in mottled pigmentation, thinned and fragile (paper thin) skin.

Changes in hand volume - there are significant alterations of fat underneath the skin, bones of the hand as well as enlargement of veins. These changes make the hands look bony.
Fortunately, there are several excellent methods to deal with most of these unwanted changes.


Why do patients want hand rejuvenation?

hands1.jpgMost patients seeking hand rejuvenation are trying to enhance appearance, boost self-confidence, become less self-conscious about hand appearance and achieve smoother healthier looking skin.


What are the different types of Hand Rejuvenation Treatments?

One of the first and most important thing that has to be done to prevent further damage and promote reversal of some of the cutaneous damage already present is the regular use of UVA and UVB sunscreens. 
The corrective treatments can be tailored to the problem at hand:


Superficial surface changes can be treated with:


  1. Topical preparations such as UVB and UVA sunscreens, vitamin A derivatives (e.g. Retin-A®,Tazorac® or Differin®), vitamin C preparations.

  2. Chemical peels such as Glycolic peels (concentration greater than 35%), Salicylic acid peels, Jessner’s Solution, Youthfulimage UltraPeel®, and other specialized peels.

  3. Different forms of microdermabrasion – The latest advances in Microdermabrasion allow precise removal of unwanted superficial cells and the infusion of therapeutic substances at the same time. This unique combination allowed excellent results and maintains a high degree of safety.

  4. Thermage and collagen stimulation can be successfully employed to help increase dermal thickness and tone. This can result in smoother more vibrant skin.

  5. IPL as well as laser phototherapies are critical to deal with pigmentation changes as these modalities can specifically target brown and red spots.


These procedures are very advances and should only be performed by thoroughly trained physicians.

Hand rejuvenation is an exciting procedure that combines innovative methods to deal with each area of concern. Although the hand rejuvenation is often forgotten in the quest for youthful image, the new and effective methods offer truly remarkable ability to correct the changes associated with passage of time. With this renewed interest, the hand rejuvenation can become the new avenue for improving and maintaining that elusive youthful look.

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