How safe are Botox treatments?

Botox is on the news so much and many of my friends are being treated with it for beauty reasons. How safe are Botox treatments?



Botox is one the safest and effective treatments for facial wrinkles available today. It has been successfully used for cosmetic and medical treatments for over 20 years.

Botox is a natural, purified protein that is administered via a few tiny injections directly into the overactive muscles that cause facial lines. It is a simple, non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure, that smoothes the deep, persistent lines that have developed from repeated muscle contractions over time. Botox has been widely tested. It is the one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the world and is a leading treatment for reversing some of the visible signs of aging.

Despite the publicity of Botox use for cosmetic reasons, most of the use of Botox today is for medical indications such as excessive sweating as well as muscle rigidity. In those cases the quantity of Botox used is much greater than that used for cosmetic cases.

Botox, when precisely injected, selectively relaxes the muscles that are causing wrinkles to occur. Subsequently, the skin over the treated muscles gradually becomes smoother and less wrinkled.

Botox injections are very safe when performed by trained doctors. It is important that this potent medication be treated with respect. Proper injection techniques combined with appropriate patient selection can lead to elegant results that countless patients enjoy today.

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