My feet have changed. The skin is thicker and rough and I seem to have more lines and dry flakes on the bottom of my feet than ever before. Is there anything that I can do to make my feet feel and look healthier?



Our feet are more important and complicated than most of us care to realize. The way your feet look gives the observer clues as to how well you take care of yourself. The appearance of the feet also transmits multiple signals as to the general health of the person. Properly functioning feet are an essential component of satisfying life and we only realize the impact our feet have on us when they are not working or looking their best. It is for that reason that we all need to pay more care and respect to our feet.


The following care tips are designed to make sure that you always put your best foot forward:

  1. foot.clean180.jpgClean and inspect your feet regularly. It is important to clean your feet regularly using warm water and soap. Make sure your feet are dry after washings as moisture, especially between the toes, can promote bacterial and fungal growth. You may even use your hair dryer to dry the skin between the toes. While doing it, make sure you inspect your feet for rashes, abrasions, new moles or anything that has changed since last inspection.

  2. When the skin on the heals is thicker than you like, consider soaking your feet in warm water and then gently remove excessive skin using pumice stone or an abrasive foot scrub. This will also keep calluses under control. It is important not to scrub your feet too vigorously as this will just make the problem worse and may even cause skin injury and infections.

  3. Use moisturizing lotions or creams especially in winter to keep the skin soft and supple. If it is really dry, consider using products containing urea or lactic acid. Make sure you avoid putting too much moisturizing lotion between the toes as this can promote bacterial or fungal growth.

  4. Exercise your feet. You can do foot stretches and ankle stretches.
    These help to promote flexibility, circulation and strength.

  5. foot.massage180.jpgHave a foot massage once in a while. You can do it yourself or, better yet, ask your partner or a professional to do it for you. Some feet are very sensitive so take necessary care.

Happy feet make for a happy person and after these care tips it will be time to show off your feet and enjoy them. These gentle routines will build your confidence so you can always put your best foot forward one step at a time.

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