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Since July 07, a patch of my hair located on the right side just as you round the head has been brittle to the point where it is so short that I am not able to get the smallest barrel curling iron around it. It is in a patch that is all fuzzy. Sometimes as I am blow-dry it, a "patch" of about 8 strands of hair comes out. I have tried to examine the "roots" of this patch but when I touch it, it crumbles and becomes in a powder state. I have gone to see my family doctor thinking it may be my thyroid that is causing this problem. But after giving blood, I never got a call back from the doctor's office saying that there is anything wrong. So I take that it is not my thyroid. He was at a loss to give me medical advice. The only thing, I came away with is to come back in six months. My six months is not up yet and am not sure if I can wait that long. Someone told me to take Zinc which I have been doing but not sure if this is helping or not. I am not sure what other information you would need but am hoping that you have come across such a weird thing to give me some advice.

To see a Dermatologist, is it necessary to be referred by your family doctor or can I make an appointment on my own?

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hair.alo.jpgHello Carey - it sounds like this problem in really frustrating for you. Hair problems are very common - some people have too many hairs and some people have too few of them. In some cases hair can fall out in circular patches on the scalp or on the other parts of the body - this condition is called alopecia areata.

From your description, it sounds like the hair is still growing but it may be brittle or weak at the roots (the part of the hair in the scalp). You would really need to be seen by a dermatologist to see specifically what the problem is. Thyroid conditions rarely cause hair problem in one part of the scalp. When thyroid conditions cause hair problems, it is usually the whole scalp and not just small part of it.

Different shampoos and supplements have very little if any benefits for the scalp and hair. What is important is not to use too strong of a shampoos or chemicals on your hair as this can weaken the hairs making them brittle (whole scalp and not just one patch).

In today's society, we do have plenty of nutrients from our diet to provide good conditions for our hair growth. In most cases, it is too strong shampoos and too frequent washings that can cause brittle hair. Good conditioner will help that problem.

In some cases, scalp fungal infection can present with patchy hair loss. In most cases, patients have contact with animals or other people with scalp fungal infection.

In any case, you would need to be seen by a doctor again - either a family doctor or a dermatologist - Your skin expert. In order to see a dermatologist, you would need a referral from your doctor. I am sure that we would be glad to see you. Some dermatologists specialize in hair problems and you may wish to ask your family doctor to send you to the one that does.

I hope that helps and thank you for your question.

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