Who is a candidate for Edmonton Labiaplasty?

Edmonton Labiaplasty clinic, Youthful Image Clinic, is proud to be an Accredited Non-Hospital Surgical Facility by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta focusing on safety, comfort and results for our patients. Any procedure involving removal or modification of body tissues requires thorough assessment, review of benefits, treatment options and potential risks. This is best accomplished via in-person visit although, in some circumstances, remote (tele-health) visit may be needed when in-person visits are impractical.

Each person’s self-assessment and concern regarding their personal features is unique and deserves recognition. Individual variations in anatomy, even when completely normal and natural, may be of concern to some patients. We need to accept these feelings and try to address them as best as we can.

When something is on your mind over and over, it is reasonable to ask about what are the options of dealing with it. Many concerns can be addressed just by reviewing the facts and answering question and, in some situations, interventions may be needed to address the issues at hand.

This also applies to undergoing labiaplasty procedure. So, the question remains: Who is the candidate for Labiaplasty?

Generally speaking, candidates for labiaplasty are patients who:

              Are over 18 years of age (younger, if parent(s) / guardian(s) agree),

              Are generally healthy,

              Understand the risks and benefits of labiaplasty,

              Have concerns regarding the appearance of the labia minor or labia majora,

              Have discomfort during sexual activity,

Have concerns regarding the functions of the labia tissue (pinching, tugging or chafing in clothing)

As always, detailed consultation with review of options, benefits and risks are the best way to proceed in the process of discovering what is the best course of action for you!

Now, women have choices in addressing their concerns!

If you are interested, contact us to see if you are a candidate for labiaplasty procedure!


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